Finance options

Our team of experts is ready to find solutions and services tailored to your specific financing needs. Several options are possible: Lease, Lease with purchase and Financial lease.


A Lease with a fixed monthly rent and without the risk of cancellation (subject to mileage and condition), takes away financial uncertainty and administrative burden. This simple financing package is designed for peace of mind.


Lease with purchase offers all the advantages of a Lease, but with the flexibility to postpone payment of a large sum (balloon). This deferred lump sum can reduce your monthly payment or shorten the term of your contract.


Financial lease combines various advantages of a lease and lease with purchase. Because it is a rental product, VAT is paid on the lease, which improves cash flow. But unlike a normal Lease, offers financial leasing flexibility at the end of the contract for customers who might wish to keep their vehicle (subject to a small annual fee).

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